Ecotherapy: integrative meditation in nature and our environment

Ecotherapy: integrative meditation in nature and our environment

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

Gary Snyder

Most of us have experienced the sense of wellbeing that can come from spending time in nature. More and more scientific studies show how being immersed in nature, even if it’s a pot plant on your desk or a picture of nature on your wall (yes really!), can reduce anxiety and cortisol levels, restore balance in the autonomous nervous system, improving overall health, sleep, focus and attention. It has even been proven to enhance healing and reduce the need for medication and medical intervention for in-patients.

My walking and ecotherapy sessions will take you through simple and fun mindfulness activities (as a group and individually) deepening your connection to nature, the immediate environment, with yourself and one another. You’ll be left with an enhanced sense of wellbeing and an energised mind, body and soul and hopefully some happy memories to take away with you into your week ahead.

Classes take place in a variety of locations: local parks, community gardens, in a hospital ward, in the office, walking around the city, on beaches and on surf boards as well as on mountains and also include sunrise, sunset and full moon sessions.

Please contact me for further information.

Pre-booking is essential due to limited class size.

I offer private individual and group sessions in the comfort of your own space (balcony, garden or other preferred location) and online.

Most sessions are inclusive and accessible to most abilities (apart from Hampstead Heath which requires some strenuous walking). For those with limited mobility or specific accessible needs, I offer adaptive drop-in classes weekly as well as private and group sessions in your preferred location, hospital or home. Please contact me for further information.

Please note all sessions are in English.

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