“Experience deep relaxation, rejuvenate your autonomous nervous system and invite space into the busy mind with guided meditation sessions in your offices.”

experernmenternmCity workers work hard and play harder and are seeking alternative therapies at an ever-increasing rate.  With this in mind, more and more employers are offering alternative holistic health care that enhances their employees wellness. We all know that with work-related stress levels soaring, stress management is essential.

A positive, calm environment boosts morale, creates better team-work, increases energy and improves mood and job satisfaction.

Are you an employer with staff working from home, furloughed or off sick and want to support their wellbeing? Are you wanting to bring something different at the start or end of a virtual conference or event you are hosting that fits in with the current times?

If you’re an employer seeking to add value to your staff, I offer virtual tailor-made meditations and life mentoring sessions focused on focus, anxiety, resilience, better sleep and more depending your company’s and staff needs.  You can choose to have a one-off session or build in weekly scheduled slots. 

Each session is designed to your needs – almost nothing is impossible. Depending on the session and your requirements, I can be found to integrate music, poetry, nature, and items from the home! I can even integrate your company’s ethics or meeting’s objectives.

I always ensure the sessions is held in a safe, nurturing manner and with much humour too!

Employees and contacts from anywhere in the world to join in. It really is a unique experience.

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About me:

I have 15 years experience in working with depression, pain, chronic illness, stage fright, addictions, pregnancy, death and dying, focus, sleep and more.

I have corporate, government and NGO experience.

Additional speaking and training services: 

I work directly with employers, communities and organisations on helping them find ways to be more inclusive and to better understand the needs of and challenges faced by those living with invisible disabilities.

I also guest speak at community, public, health professional and corporate events on the impact of sustaining a serious illness in mid-life, what life is like living with invisible disabilities, the art of human resilience as well as sharing my coping tools and entertaining stories along the way.

For more information on these please see the Speaking section.

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