Adaptive Meditation

Adaptive Meditation

“You are more than your disability, come be your more.”

Living with a disability, illness or chronic pain can be exhausting mentally and physically and the impact it has on all areas of our lives can make us disconnect from ourselves both emotionally and physically, causing more pain and stress. Using integrative meditation techniques, have not only given me a sense of calm and contentment, freedom from pain and activated my healing, but also opened up space within me to see that I am more than my disability.

My adaptive meditation classes are for people living with mobility disabilities, chronic illness and pain, such as but not limited to: spinal cord injury, visual impairment and brain injuries. I have personal and professional experience with acquired brain injury, cognitive and motor impairment, recurrent meningitis and encephalitis, auto immune diseases, mobility restrictions, crohns and chronic fatigue.

Classes are adapted to the needs of each person attending, allowing you to relax and let go, deepening the mind-body awareness and leaving you with a greater sense of freedom and ease to face everyday activities. You will learn tools to help you better manage chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. My aim is to ensure that my classes are a safe, social and fun environment for you to nurture and connect with yourself and others.

Classes are kept small in order to allow for the spatial requirements each participant may have. Free for carers. Due to class size limitations and individual requirements, pre-booking is essential. Private individual and group sessions, customised retreats, and online sessions are available. Please contact me for further information.



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