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About Me

My Background

A native Londoner, born to Greek parents, I worked for almost two decades in high-profile senior communication roles as well as consulting start-ups, volunteering in several countries and performing on stage. You could say I was a do-er that couldn’t stop doing.

My journey into the power of meditation began whilst on an academic year-long career break in 2002 when I decided to go to drama school and found myself focusing my Masters dissertation on integrative meditation techniques to unblock stage fright and anxiety in actors. Following the success of my meditations and my increased curiosity, I embarked on years of learning and practising various spiritual, psychological and philosophical techniques. I was becoming a do-er learning be-ing.  These have included chakra, Reiki, Yoga Nidra, heart, brain and breathing techniques, neuroscience, biology, meditation, integrative psychotherapy and counselling, psychodrama and ecotherapy (what a mouthful!).

Over the years I have trained and continue my personal development with various schools and wonderful teachers, including gaining a post-graduate foundation in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Minster Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (UK), Andy McGeeney (UK), YogaCampus (UK), Heart Math (UK), Philip Permutt (UK) and Reiki Maya (UK). I will be forever indebted to the incredible Uma Tilmsore Tuli, Nurlipta Tuli and Ben Wollf of the Yoga Nidra Network and BreathForLife who enabled me to bring together many of the techniques I had been using over the years and in particular during my recovery from a brain injury, with the neuroscience to back up every claim.

I have been lucky enough to work and practice in a variety of settings, including working with children, addicts in recovery (both in London and Cape Town), destitute women and children, the elderly, adaptive needs and on private retreats. My interests lie in neuroscience and breath and using what nature gave us to hack our bodies and minds, the power of nature and connectedness, living with unseen disabilities and chronic pain and also exploring death and living whilst dying – bringing death to the mainstream and conscious living of how we choose to live before we die.

In my spare time I can be found performing improvisation, going off-map on hikes,  exploring the sea diving and by kayak, learning all about horticulture, talking to plants and animals and trying to keep to the beat on my drum kit.

Me, my teachings and I

I have always believed that one should practice before one preaches and I found my life experiences (which have included moments of high stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating patterns, depression, work exhaustion, grief and loss) provided me with the perfect conditions to really put what I was learning and teaching to the test. 

One of my biggest life changing experiences (to date) was when I was left with a complicated acquired brain injury and a plethora of cognitive, motor and neurological symptoms following a serious illness. The years that followed have been a challenging adventure of some recovery, a lot of loss, staring death in the face thrice over and learning to manage. 

During this difficult period I decided that I would breathe into each moment and see what unfolded. I intuitively applied being in nature, breath, meditation and visualisation techniques and accessed an inner awareness on a cellular level, hearing my body tell and show me its needs, watching it heal itself and restore damage that was unthinkable. 

Because of this, I decided to dedicate myself to teaching meditation, ecotherapy with the scientific evidence that we can assist in our healing and well being on a full-time basis. 

Over the years I have become more and more interested in neuroscience and the scientific discoveries in the relationship between each major organ, our cells and the breath and how each part of our cellular system (and other systems around us) influence one another and how we, as a part of nature, can benefit from being in nature. I am continually entranced with how science has begun to prove in modern world terms (in a world where facts are gospel), things that many wise people have instinctively known for centuries – we, and the world around us, are complex and incredible creations, capable of so much more than we think we are. 

It has become important to me that my practice and hence the sessions that I offer embody all I have experienced so far: the body, mind and spirit.

My aim is to help people realise their full potential, live in present connection with the world around them and to experience a more fulfilled and healthier life.

I am also focused on raising awareness on a local and macro level of what it is to go through a serious illness, living with invisible disabilities and sharing the hope and gifts that come from going through such an experience.

I feature in national press and radio and write in detail about my experience for Meningitis Now and UK Health Magazine.

I speak regularly about invisible disabilities, human resilience and coping skills to employees and communities.

If you want to get involved on getting the message out there, please contact me.




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