* pasithea

(Ancient Greek: Πασιθέα, “relaxation”).

In Greek mythology, Pasithea was one of the Charities (Graces),
and the personification of relaxation, meditation and all other
altered states of consciousness.

“Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe well, be well, live well.”


“You are your more, what is your more?”


Being in nature is our nature”


Offering inclusive and accessible wellbeing guided walks, meditation, ecotherapy, workshops and more.

Pasithea believes in and promotes wellbeing for all.

Available online and in person in London. Other locations upon request.


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About Mimi

I have trained and worked with various forms of artistic, creative, meditation practices and psychotherapy since 2002, focusing my sessions on my interests in neuroscience, breath, biology, and nature, space and place and horticulture. In 2010 I began to incorporate these into my sessions as an ecotherapist and walking guide.  

Achieving peace of mind & a healthy body by taking back control of own body, mind and soul is becoming ever more important as we become increasingly disassociated from our selves, nature and one another in today’s over-stimulating and ever demanding society.

In 2015 I suffered a life changing illness and I found it near impossible to find classes in anything to cater for my accessible needs. In response, I ensure my sessions are adaptive and inclusive as possible and run several classes and workshops for those with chronic illness, pain and disabilities.

Since then, I trained as a Ramblers UK walking guide and in horticulture at Capel Manor and volunteer as a fruit and vegetable gardener in the Royal Parks Regents Park community allotment which is a space for local groups and individuals to learn about fruit and vegetable growing.



Depending on the session’s focus and your needs, I use quirky and creative techniques to bring us to a level of connecting with ourselves and our environment in ways that we don’t usually have the opportunity to. Working into each walking and ecotherapy session the 5 elements, seasons, animal and plant biology.

I bring an element of playfulness, curiosity and adventure into my sessions. You’ll find poetry, creative and abstract writing, storytelling, movement and more in many of the sessions. Being open and having a childlike wonder helps! 

I am passionate about sharing these simple techniques to help empower people to have more control over their internal life so that they can live well and do well.

I speak on living with invisible disabilities in the press and on radio, writings are published in journals such as the British Medical Journal, present at events and workshops, consult major UK charities on policy, PR and marketing and work with employers and organisations to make their products, services and workplace more inclusive.


In my classes you will learn techniques to take into your daily life to help you calm yourself deeply, deal skillfully with challenging situations and develop a strong sense of wellbeing.





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I specialise in offering adaptable focused sessions for those living with all types of disabilities and chronic pain.
Apart from Hampstead Heath which is a more challenging walk, all other sessions and walks are suitable for people living with health conditions or mobility issues. Mobility aids welcome. Suitable for slower walkers.

My nourishing sessions give you the experience of a sense of ease, control and peace and leave you with a smile and renewed energy to face the day and week ahead.    

I also hold  sessions online, in studios, private spaces, heated pools, hospitals and out in nature whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned meditator. Sessions are adapted for those who need to sit or recline.  

 I believe that everyone should have access to these fulfilling practices and I aim, where I can, to offer inclusivity in all my classes and private sessions so please contact me if you are on a low income or have adaptable or accessible needs.    

If you’re interested in bespoke private session or having your own customised weekend retreat  or tailor-made corporate classes for employees, meetings and conferences, please get in touch. Each session is lovingly put together to suit different needs and using integrative techniques creatively. 

A session can include both in-person and online, perfect if you want to invite friends from across the globe or get your staff involved working from various locations.      

For class bookings please email me at hello@pasithea.me   

Come along to wander at your wonders! 



I found my first session with Mimi’s guidance to be a phenomenal inner journey. I was surprised at the stillness I felt during our session …


I was introduced to yoga nidra by having private sessions with Mimi and have found it an amazingly relaxing and positive experience.


We (fellow actors in a play) had group and individual sessions with Mimi to help us deal with anxiety, stage fright and focus …


I’m a busy mum, dealing with a busy household, husband and two kids and find myself overwhelmed by it all at times …


The first night in ages that I slept so deeply was after your nidra class. Thanks so much …


I had no idea what to expect at an ecotherapy class. Mimi brought joy and curiosity to me in seeing the world differently …


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