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Dear fellow human

In these uncertain times, we must find a way to keep things going so that we can keep in optimum health in body, mind and spirit.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, out of caution and not fear, with mindfulness for the collective wellbeing, all studio based classes and one to one sessions are no longer going ahead until further notice. 

In just a matter of weeks some incredible things are happening out of unimaginable circumstances across the world; the earth is finding a way to heal as pollution levels fall, animals are coming out of hiding, people are helping complete strangers (and becoming friends!) and we are creating new ways of working and being.

With more of us in isolation and possible lockdown, I am offering private sessions via Skype/Facetime/Zoom.

We can work together on specific issues in a life mentoring session or meditation practice or you can just lie back and receive energy healing. I tailor make sessions to meet your needs and they can include all or some of the practices above.

I run virtual sessions for individuals, couples, families and groups (so if you’re isolating with your flatmates this is the perfect time to relax together!).

I will be offering free live meditations on Facebook as well as regular group meditation classes in Regents Park and NW6 area of London where we can keep at a safe distance, be in nature, rest & rejuvenate. Please see Facebook for up-to-the-minute announcements.  

Feel free to contact me via phone, email or DM to discuss your needs and make a booking. Happy to just have a chat if that’s what you need!

I look forward to welcoming you in virtual Pasithea.

Keep well and stay close to love

Mimi xx

List of weekly classes and workshops in London: 

  • Death Group – a monthly closed group on living whilst dying and facing death. You are required to commit to attending every session for the continuity of the group dynamics and journey.  FULLY BOOKED – WAITING LIST. If you would like to join please get in touch.
  • ONLINE monthly invisible disabilities meditation and sharing group – please get in touch to join this group and you have an invisible disability. You will need to install and sign up to Zoom (free online group meeting service, a bit like Skype allowing for more people to be part of one session).


– weekly pool meditations in north west London. That’s right – meditate whilst floating in the pool. Classes for those with disabilities (visible and invisible), mixed ability and pregnant women.
-“Living whilst we are dying” – demystifying death and embracing the fact that we are all dying. Both light-hearted and serious, these look at how we choose to live our lives whilst we are (all) waiting to die.

Details will follow – please visit this page regularly or even better, join our mailing list to be kept updated on classes and workshops and to guarantee your place!

If you are wanting to book a private or corporate session, please get in touch as I have some slots available.

Gift Vouchers
Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Contact me to purchase a gift voucher that can be used for drop-in classes, workshops or private sessions.

Unless otherwise stated, classes are open to all levels of ability, whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned meditator. Everyone should have access to these nourishing practices and I aim, where I can, to offer inclusivity in all my classes and private sessions so please contact me if you are on a low income or have adaptable or accessible needs. If you need to be accompanied by a carer in order to participate, they come along for free.

Read more on styles on offer:





Booking and Fees:

  • Please note that due to a restriction on class numbers, pre-booking is essential.
  • Please note that fees are non-refundable if you miss a class or are late to a class. Due to the fact that your place cannot be filled,  the session can only be exchanged for an identical class at a later date only in exceptional circumstances and at my discretion.
  • If you have pre-booked a class, you may exchange your original booking for an identical class at a later date (providing there is space) giving a minimum of 36 hours advanced notice by email. Private sessions have a minimum of 36 hours cancellation policy for an exchange.
  • Corporate bookings have a 28 day cancellation policy, with terms and conditions discussed at time of booking. 
  • I believe in inclusion and that meditation classes should be accessible to all regardless of ability and income, so if you are on a low income or have accessible needs and want to participate please contact me.
  • 5 class pass and 10 class pass only apply to drop-in sessions and must be used within the relevant 5 or 10 weeks of date of purchase (unless otherwise agreed by me). Each pass is only valid for the corresponding class eg nidra or ecotherapy, but cannot be used to attend both.
  • Gift vouchers must be used within 6 months of purchase. Please contact me for further details.


All classes and workshops:

  • Please aim to arrive early as classes start at the scheduled time – we start to congregate 15 mins before the class starts.
  • Once we start the class I have to turn my phone off and I can’t help you if you are lost or running late, so please familiarise yourself with the directions. If in doubt, please call me well ahead of the class starting time. 
  • Please note that due to the nature of the class, latecomers will not be able to join the group once class has commenced.
  • Private and corporate classes, please contact me directly for further information.

What to bring: 
Unless other wise stated, just bring your beautiful selves, your smiles and an open mind. On a practical note, you do not need to wear special clothing, just suitable clothing for the environment the class is in. See below for further details and don’t be shy to contact me if you have any special requirements or questions.

Studio based classes:

  • Please wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Although I will provide you with a mat, bolster, pillow and blanket, given you will lie down for most of the time (there are adaptive positions for those who cannot lie down) you may want to bring an extra layer to cover yourselves such as a favourite shawl or blanket and a small pillow.
  • If you have your own preferred equipment or accessibility adapting equipment please bring them with you to make the class as comfortable as possible. The aim is to completely relax your body so that you can better relax your mind.


  • Beach based activities: please wear clothing and footwear that you are happy to get wet and offer you protection from the sun as well as a towel and a change of clothes and shoes. Please make sure you are able to meet the fitness levels required for each class eg if it is sea based, you must be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres and float unaided.
  • Land based activities: unless it is very warm, do bring extra layers as you will find that you may cool down at different intervals during the class. If it is very warm or hot, please bring sunscreen, a hat, mozzie spray and wear clothing that allows you to be comfortable and protected both in the sun and the shade. If we are hiking, please make sure that you are able to meet the physical demands of the class.
  • Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you regardless and also wear comfortable, good grip shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy or wet.
  • Classes go ahead whatever the weather as we practice embracing whatever nature brings, so dress accordingly!

Pool based classes:

  • Please make sure you are comfortable being immersed in water and able to float in a pool for long periods of time as you will be (where appropriate in accessible- needs only classes) floating in water for the whole part of the meditation. You must be able to swim at least 20 metres without effort or stress. Equipment will be given to help you remain afloat for the duration of the meditation and class but you must comfortable with  lying on your back and float unaided in order to participate.
  • Please bring a swimming costume, towel and shower things and of course a change of clothes.

All classes are put together with your wellbeing and safety in mind. Classes are lovingly held according to the overall class ability and focus. Participation implies your agreement to the physical requirements of the class environment.  You are the only person who knows your limits and abilities, therefore liability for your physical and emotional safety and wellbeing is your responsibility. Please do not book classes you know that you are not able to participate in safely and meet the minimum requirement level of fitness. If you have any concerns or queries please contact me prior to booking a class or workshop.


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